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Splish! Splash!

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to be sharing little Ellen’s bath routine & products.

Ellen has LOVES bath time. She is for sure my child, because I love a good relaxing bath as well. We start by warming up the water in our bath tub. We used an infant sink tub insert from newborn to about 4 months old (I’ll link that below as well!)

Once the water is at a medium-warm temperature, she’s ready to get in the water! While she in there I let her play with some bath toys before getting down to business. I found some really cute little animal toys at the Dollar Store. I will then proceed to scrub her body down with Johnson’s Baby Body Moisture Wash. I always use her Cloud Island wash cloths for this part. They are the softest baby wash cloths we have used! I use the same wash on her scalp & face. When I wash her scalp I'll use a little plastic scrubber that we received from the hospital. I'll link a similar scrubber if you happen to not have one already. After all all of the scrubbing I will rinse her off with the pink rinse cup. I really love how big the rinse cup is, but can also keep a decent amount of water out of her face.

Now it's time to dry off! I will scoop her up in her soft Cloud Island hooded pink floral towel. It is seriously so soft & the perfect size for her. Before getting her dressed I will lather her in the Johnson's Baby Lotion. It gives Ellen that classic baby scent for DAYS! I will then diaper her, get her dressed & finish of by combing through those gorgeous ginger locks. The comb we have came with a first aid kit we received as a baby shower gift.

That is all for Elle Belle's bath time routine! I will link everything I mentioned in this post below!



Bath Time Products:

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